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Fall is upon us


In lecture

Ah how I miss the days when I didn't have to attend undergrad lectures for classes I ta. I'm mostly kidding, but I do wish I was at the curling club already. Dale said the ice is ready so I'm heading down there for a couple hours tonight. Now I just need to attend the. Colloquium tonight.

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Apr. 18th, 2009

So, is anyone else getting excited about this series? These past couple games have been very entertaining in my estimation.

Thoughts? Where is the series going from here (other than to St Louis, geographically)? Predictions?


New to the city

Hey Vancouver LJers!

My wife and I are new to the city, and are looking to meet some new people.  This is just a spur of the moment thing, but I wondered if anyone around our age group (twenties) would like to meet for a drink or coffee sometime soon.  We're looking for a place to live in the city, so bring your apt-hunt advice!  Leave a reply here if you're interested!

WARNING - after writing this post I realized it might come off as a bit creepy.  Honestly, we're mid-twenties, just looking to meet some plain old friends who like coffee and current events. I'm a grad student and my wife is a recent graduate. Nothing sinister here, trust me. If anything we're too boring.



I promised I wouldn't cry

I know I said I don't post here much, but people's recent comments have brought me to believe that maybe someone does read what I write here.  However small this audience may be, I HAVE A DUTY!  Hehe.

I am bored with the internet this morning.  I'm sitting in the basement of Koerner library, going through some library catalogue records, looking for something useful.  However, until 1245, I don't actually have to do anything substantial.  Then I have to go meet with a colleague and go over our discussion facilitation plan for the 2pm-430pm class today.  I wrote the presentation already, so it should go OK.

So why am I writing here?  Well, I have nothing eloquent to say, but I'm pretty excited about this novel writing thing.  I've been perusing the forums (forae?) and there is some neat stuff and resources available for novice writers.  Might come in handy.  Also, as an historian, maybe my services could be used in the forum on Plot Realism.  

In other news, Jess and I are planning an election night party next Tuesday.  We're going to make some pizzas and have a gObama party.  Looking forward to that.

A couple things

Hey everyone. I have a couple things to say today.

First off, if you think I haven't been posting here a lot, it's probably because I've been trying to keep my public blog going.  It's nothing amazing, but if you're looking for regular Andy-generated content, it'll happen there.  http://acoastallife.blogspot.com

Second, I've inspired myself to do NaNoWriMo this year.  So, I'll be writing at least 50,000 words in November.  Keep in mind I can complete such a task in a couple days if I apply myself (I cite the writing of my master's thesis as evidence).  However, this will still be interesting, since it will only be done in my spare time. So 50k, divided by about 30... about 1700 words everyday.  Whether these words will be inspired or garbage has yet to be determined, but we'll see. 

I know I don't have many LJ friends, but those of you I do have are very welcome to join me in this endeavor.  Let's see what I'm made of.


Wacky News

Wow.  Alcohol is believed to be a factor?  Yathink?


Is anyone else as excited about the new Ubuntu release as I am? Probably not, right? But still, it's going to be neat. Only 9 more days. Now I just need to find out what new features it offers. I'll keep you all posted.


Friends only

Yes, I've decided to make this journal almost entirely "friends only". However, this certainly should not deter those who feel that we have something in common or shared intellectual interests to add me onto their friends lists. I'm a friendly guy always happy to make new friends.